2009 Foal Showcase

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2009 Buckskin/Brown Filly

Sold, congratulations her new owners!

 Radical Wilma     Radical Wilma

Wilma is a stunning dark buckskin filly with hazel eyes out of a World Champion producing dam, and Willy Be Invited. She is exceptional in every single way.  She is currently registered brown, but is the same dark buckskin as her mother, who has produced numerous buckskins.

Top photos taken in September, 2011.  Pictured below at 3 weeks old.

  Wilma 2 days old   Wilma 4-18-09   Wilma 2 days old



Invitation Only

Barpassers Image


Born: 3.27.09

Willy Be Invited

Bears Raisin Kane



Rosys Story

Snazzy Story


Bonanzas Rosy



Radical Rodder

Hotrodder's Jet Set

Radically Dun Chip

Bars Riker



Crazy Bout Chocolate

Zips Chocolate Chip



Miss Top Freeway


2009 Sorrel Filly

Congratulations to new owners, the Marcel Mittmann family of Huetbiek, Germany.

Clarice 5-30-09     Clarice 5-30-09

Clarice    Clarice

This filly with lots of chrome has some of the hottest current bloodlines and we expect an outstanding prospect as a result of this well thought out cross.

Top photo above at 2.5 months old and bottom photos above at 1.5 months old, the bottom photo was at birth.

Clarice at birth



Zippos Mr Good Bar

Zippo Pine Bar


Born: 3.5.09

A Good Machine

Tamara Wess



War Kelpie

Blondy's Dude


Jo Moore Star



Dont Skip Zip

Zippo Pine Bar

Dress To Kill

She Shes A Ten



Embraceable Dream




Bid O Hornet


2009 Chestnut Colt

Sold to Mariah Embry of Houston, Texas.

Jason - 5-30-09     Jason - 5-30-09     Jason - 5-30-09

Jason 3 weeks old - Photo by Dale Parker     Jason 3 weeks old - Photo by Dale Parker  

  This cross was handpicked by Zippos Old Gold's owners as a great potential cross. We love the 2008 foal by Zippos Old Gold and Ginger and we think Jason will be just as great.

Photos at bottom above at two weeks old, top photos at 2.5 months old. Pictures below at a few hours old.

Jason at birth 4-5-09     Jason at birth 4-5-09


Zippos Old Gold

Zippo Pine Bar


Born: 4.5.09

Zipped Cash

Goldy Jack



Cash Reflections





A Passing Breeze


Whata Cool Breeze

Ms Winter Breeze



Rascals Satin Luck

JBL Wish Me Luck



Rascals Satin Doll


2009 Sorrel Filly

Lindsey - 5-30-09     Lindsey - 5-30-09

Lindsey - 5-30-09

Lindsey 4-18-09     Lindsey 4-18-09     Lindsey 4-18-09

April 15, 2009 to July 25, 2009

This was a new cross for 2009, and Lexie had a great cross with this outstanding son of the great Zippos Old Gold.

Sadly, this adorable filly passed away last fall after a pasture accident.

Top three photos above at 6 weeks old. Bottom photos above at 3 days old.  This cute filly is pictured below as she first learns to stand.

Zipped Cash Filly by Lexie 4-15-09



Zippos Old Gold

Zippo Pine Bar


Born: 4.15.09

Zipped Cash

Goldy Jack



Cash Reflections






Sweet Talkin Chip

Zips Chocolate Chip

Sweet Leaguer Chip

Talkin Sweet



Quality Leaguer

Im A Big Leaguer



Molly Grey Bar

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